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wine and chocolate

My dad is an adventurer.

He is the man who hikes every weekend. Who creates the “hiking club” at a low income school where most of the kids have never even been to the mountains. He loves nature. He knows nature. When we hike together, he questions things. What is this plant? Where does this go? Let’s try going on this road, maybe we will find something that no one has seen before! He seeks out adventure and lures those who are with him along. That passion he has…rolled right on over to his little girl, me.

Hiking. Something that I did as a kid with my dad.  Something that I took up again, right when things started getting bad in my marriage. When I hike I feel God. I see God. I am the most alone I could be, yet feel full and satisfied and not in need of anything or anyone.

My dad is a role model to me in how you can chose to live life. He chooses adventure and knowledge. He chooses to know more and see more and understand himself more through nature. I can see God shining through him most when he is up in the mountains on a dirt path with trees surrounding him and his dog, Buttercup by his side. A true sight to behold!

Today my dad and I adventured to some wine trails in the county side outside of the suburban town that we live in instead of a usual hike. We had wine. We had chocolate. We even met a real cheetah! We drank and we drank some more. We talked about life. About travel. About our relationships. As I grow up and know him more, I see how much I really am like him. It’s interesting how your family seems to understand or get you most. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even have to explain things to him, he just GETS IT. Its nice to be known and understood. I hope I find a guy like my dad someday. Who loves nature and God. Who loves adventure. Who loves me.

Five wineries and a unknown amount of glasses of wine later he took me out to dinner and then back to my home where my Lincoln was waiting. ┬áLincoln got his daily walk…and master got a tummy ache that she inflicted upon herself with the large amounts of alcohol and chocolate she consumed prior. ┬áLesson learned.