About GirlonaTrail

Hi, and welcome to our site!

We are two passionate thirty- something year old best friends who created this site to stay in touch from across the Country! We are both college graduates with degrees in Nutrition and Interior Design – who doesn’t want to eat better and have a lovely home space?!

We have Keryn who is a Nutritionist/health guru from California and Mindy who is an Interior Designer/budget guru in Connecticut! We both LOVE to travel and are excited to say that we have traveled (insert number) many countries between the two of us. We are passionate about feeling empowered as a solo women traveler as well as the best ways to Travel on a budget.

In our blog you will find Travel posts, Healthy recipes – Vegan and non-Vegan, Fitness tips (We’ve got an Ultra Marathon Runner here!), Interior Design and Home advice/tips and tricks, as well as Lifestyle peaks into our life. We are huge believers in women empowerment and being REAL – so sit back, grab a cup of coffee and a notebook and enjoy the read.

Puppy Kisses and delish Coffee moments,

-Keryn and Mindy