A Day in Boston Town

My aunt recently visited from California and we decided to do a day trip to Boston, Massachusetts. It was her first time on the East Coast and I wanted to make sure the day was filled with good food, history, art and classic Bostonian things you just can’t miss. Since we only had a day I did my research in advance on restaurant locations and museums. This was my third trip to the lovely city and wanted to try something a little different than the normal larger museums that one usually would go to when visiting. I was pleasantly surprised with the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum and all of it’s beauty. More on that below. 🙂

We will start with the funnest item…food! I’m a huge Yelper and since I travel a lot I feel like Yelp is that all knowing friend that gets me to the best/coolest restaurants that normal tourists may pass by unknowing of it’s awesomeness. I am excited to say that our meals did not disappoint. We ate at The Parish Cafe on Boylston St. I had the Turkey wrap with Havarti cheese and Cranberry Chipotle sauce. My friends it was just the right amount of crispy tortilla with warm turkey and melted cheese on the inside. Then to add in the Cranberry Chipotle sauce that had a dab of sour cream?! Truly something that I will be dreaming about in only my best of dreams.  Can’t forget about the potato salad- a classic that was the perfect amount of dill and mayo – light light light, which is in my opinion the only way to do a potato salad!


After lunch we headed to the Boston Public Library. I had seen this building in films and had always been curious about the interior. I really think this was one of the highlights of the whole day – what a GEM of a space! It’s also a FREE and fun touristy thing to do – so be sure and make the time to head out there. Inside you will find Art, Books galore, lovely architecture and a classic IV league feel inside of the reading rooms.

We loved the guardian Lions who greeted you as you walked up to the second floor! Not to mention the beautiful display of Marble that dressed the room.


Remember that IV league study room feel I mentioned? This is it. Isn’t it just what you picture when thinking of the PERFECT spot to read or study? I feel like I could write a book in this room if given the right amount of inspiration and cups of coffee.


These lamps are everything.


Don’t forget to peek outside to see the lovely Courtyard, It can be a little crowded but it’s worth your time to wait for a space so you can enjoy the water feature and amazing courtyard that surrounds you!


From here we caught the Train and made our way to the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.

Oh my gosh WHAT A COURTYARD!! This courtyard truly made me feel like I was somewhere far away  – Morocco or Greece? Maybe a blend of the two! The foliage and five stories when you look up are truly breathtaking.


Looking down…


Auntie and I!


Our final stop before heading out was Instagram worthy – Mike’s Pastry for a famous Cannoli. Oh my gosh people…this is a must.


We did hear from some locals that Modern Pastry down the street is equally as impressive – so take your choice – heck maybe try both! You will find TONS of flavors to chose from and even at an affordable price. ( Mine was a standard cannoli with Chocolate Chips – amazing.)


Hard not to miss the Boston Freedom Trail as you make your way around town! Follow the red line all throughout town for an amazing walk through history around Boston. Cameron and I did the full trail the last time we visited and really loved it. Be sure and bring your walking shoes though – it will take you a few hours to get through the whole thing!


You will pass by many lovely historic churches as well as several graveyards dated back to the 1600’s! A lot of these have famous people buried in them as well – amazing to see these surrounded by modernization and large buildings everywhere. Truly the town built itself around them.


Boston is a must do If visiting the East Coast. It’s filled with amazing history, fabulous restaurants and cool/hip villages. I suggest at least two days to get a good feel for the area but 3-4  days if you want to hit up some of the amazing museums here. History buffs- do this trip!

Happy Traveling my friends!



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