She’s alive.

It’s been years (quite literally) since I’ve posted on this site. I have no great excuse except for being apprehensive on sharing about my personal life to you, the inter web. A las, it’s too late to turn back now and I have much to share with my readers. Since I’ve chatted with you, I’ve grown up to age 30. I’ve had several relationships and am currently in one that when thinking about makes my heart skip a beat (a blog post in and of itself). I’ve traveled to Europe twice, visited foreign countries alone, meandered to 5 states I had yet to visit, and officially do not work at my previous job of 7 years.

The one thing that is consistent in life is change. Adapting and allowing life to happen without trying to pull it the way you desire is a valuable lesson I am learning. I’ve come to find the more I let go the more I’m surprised how lovely and interesting things turn out on there own.

Ever since reaching the big 30 I’ve become a whole lot less interested in pleasing people and striving to look like or act like my peers and society’s standards. I guess I’ve been learning to come into my own. To be who I am without fear of not fitting in. In fact it’s much more interesting to be yourself and people actually gravitate to you more because of this. Say, what?! Anyone else remember high school and how scared shitless we all were of being anything but the norm? Well my friends it’s true…that peer driven era does in fact end and I assure you that the older you get, the more you truly just don’t give a damn…and

So what does life look like for me as of now?

It is the first time since I was 15 that I haven’t worked a full time job. I realize after stepping out of my job how much that you can truly lose yourself in a 8-5. I’ve been able to travel (blog posts I’m excited to share with you!), learn to love again (hearts and stars), train for a half marathon, focus on my overall health and well being (foodie blog posts coming at ya!) and lastly give my Goldendoodle all the attention and walks he has been craving (who doesn’t love a dog post?!).

Some cool things are brewing and I’m excited to share my adventure with you. I hope you continue to strive for joy and adventure on your trail – facing change fearlessly and getting some puppy kisses along the way.


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